VIDEO: A little skater glides onto the ice and waves to her mom before stealing the show with the cutest performance…

Many children wear their first pair of skates while they are still quite little. A child will be cruising the rink with enthusiasm by the time they are four years old if they learn how to stand confidently on the ice at the age of three.

They will fall, yes, but they will get back up. It’s a lesson worth learning, too.

Naturally, figure skating is different, and there might be a lot of pressure involved. But it may also be a wonderful method to develop discipline and an appreciation for hard effort, much like dancing and sports.

Although we do not know the reason why young Brynn Cartagena’s mother chose skating for her daughter, it is evident that she has developed a significant composure in the little amount of time that she has been doing it.

In 2014, a video of the 3-year-old girl was uploaded on YouTube, and her endearing abilities have received more than 2.1 million views on the platform.

In the caption, Valerie, the mother, mentions that her daughter has only been skating for 8 Weeks by that given moment.

And to tell you the truth, she’s already mastered more than any of us ever did. She is able to start and stop, cruise in complete control, and even pull off a few cute dance movements.

She radiates charm on the ice, smiling and waving to onlookers as she skates around. She’s got the charisma thing for sure.

It would seem that she is having a wonderful time. She can even wriggle herself backward, which is not that easy.

More than a few viewers couldn’t help but laugh during Brynn’s performance, which was set to “The Muffin Man.”

“I felt that this was very adorable! An individual who left a comment said how “when it began, it put a huge smile on my face, and when the muffin man song played, I lost it, I died haha.”

At the 2014 Magnolia Open Skating Competition, Brynn’s performance earned her first place, beating out the other five competitors in her age category.

She didn’t realize it at the time, but when she skated towards her mother at the conclusion of her performance, she was surely enjoying herself.

Even years later, people were still praising her and cheering her on in the comments section.

Be sure to watch her first performance below, which she gave when she was just three years old.

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