US Women’s Soccer Team Trash Talks Club of Retirees, Ends Up Losing 12-0

A group of young women who play or played professionally on the notoriously-woke U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) were full of braggadocio ahead of a match last week. That is, until they played a bunch of mostly retired men in their 40s from the U.K.

After the game, though, suddenly the women were not quite as arrogant about their prowess on the grass.

As it happens, the group of retired, older men from the U.K. totally destroyed the team of younger U.S. women with a 12 to 0 final at an independent soccer tournament in North Carolina last Thursday.

The Wrexham men’s team, made up of former and current players took on a team of U.S. women being coached by famed U.S. soccer player Mia Hamm.

The U.S. team was made up mostly of current USWNT players, including Heather O’Reilly and Cat Whitehill, according to The Mirror.

The U.S. women came on strong ahead of the game with O’Reilly boasting that the older men’s team was “about to go down.”

The game was part of an independent soccer tournament called “The Soccer Tournament” where teams assembled for a World Cup-styled tournament. The event was sponsored by the founders of “The Basketball Tournament” and carried a $1 million prize for the last team standing.

But despite O’Reilly’s braggadocio, the men scored four goals only 14 minutes into the game. By halftime, the men were up seven. And before the 40-minute game was done, the men had scored 12 goals.

The women? Nary a one. Zip. Zero. Nada.

After the game, O’Reilly had mysteriously changed her tune and went from bragging about the USWNT’s prowess to the attitude “we don’t care” that the women lost because it’s all about “living,” … or something.

The game is notable considering the long fight the USNWT engaged in to force U.S. soccer to pay the USWNT the same as it pays the male team members. Yet, here these women can’t even beat a middling British men’s team filled with players who have essentially aged out of the sport.

So, much for equal worth for that equal pay. These young women in top condition couldn’t even beat a bunch of guys in their 40s!

Then again, being older doesn’t even seem to be the trick, here. The USWNT also infamously lost a match to a bunch of 15-year-old boys back in 2017, too, CBS News reported at the time.

Keep in mind this is also an uber-woke team that has come out – against strong public opinion – to defend men pretending to be “trans women” playing in girls’ soccer leagues.

In February the entire team even posted themselves with “Defend Trans Rights” wristbands:

None of this is to say that the women are bad players. They routinely win games — and even the Women’s World Cup — when they face other teams of women.

But, shockingly, it just seems as if men — who identify as men OR women — are just more powerful, fast, stronger, and better athletes than women, even women at the top of their game.

Imagine that?

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