Toddler Sinks Like A Stone In Hotel Pool Before 6-Year-Old Twins Work Together To Save Her

Amy and DJ were on a Disney World vacation in Orlando with their 6-year-old twin boys, Peyton and Bryant. The family decided to get to their hotel one day early so the boys could spend a day at the pool.

Peyton and Bryant were taught how to swim when they were young, so they’re very comfortable in the water. In fact, Amy describes them as “little fish” who would live in the water if they could. Little did she know their swimming skills would prove to be life-saving on that fated day.

The boys were splashing around in the pool when they noticed a 3-year-old girl making a mad dash to the deep end, close to where they were playing. The toddler’s mother was reportedly packing up their swim toys at the time and had turned her back for a brief moment while her daughter ran off.

Peyton and Bryant saw her jump into the pool, then begin splashing and struggling to keep afloat. She had trouble keeping her head above water, and they watched as she “sank to the bottom like a stone.”

According to a 2015 article on CBS News, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported drowning as the leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4, and the second leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 14, after car accidents.

But without talking or hesitation, the 6-year-old brothers snapped into action and listened to their instincts — working quickly and simultaneously to save the little girl like only a pair of bonded twin siblings could.

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