The little boy has very curly hair and his head looks like a dandelion: everyone ridicules him

On the whole, especially adults and women come to shows like this. They have many issues that they solve with the help of some changes.
But sometimes happens that children come for transformation. So George really wanted some change.

The cute boy is just two years old, his mother took him to the stylists. However, he is not yet very good at speaking, but he understands everything.

The boy has a little problem, he has very curly hair and his head looks like a dandelion.

From the appearance, he looks cute and funny, but firstly, such hair is not very easy to care for, and secondly, children and adults sometimes make fun of the boy.

It is unbelievable that anyone likes to be ridiculed, neither children nor adults.

The stylists understood the seriousness of the situation and promised to help.

So they made a decision to shave off most of this “dandelion”.

The back of the head was fully shaved, and the hair stayed only in the parietal and frontal parts of the head.

This hairstyle is very cool and suits George very well. The boy is pleased and happy. Now he is sure that no one can ridicule him.

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