The 74-year-old mother of Elon Mask on the cover of The Gloss: she amazed everyone

We can say with certainty that I. Musk is one of the most booming people on the modern earth.

But now it is obvious that his success mainly depended on his mother, who raised him.

Once again, the Musk family confirmed that there are no boundaries for them.

May Musk can now be seen on the cover of a famous journal, where she poses in a bodysuit.

The billionaire’s mom said she was happy that older women are given the chance to look great.

The woman added that she supports changing people’s views on certain population groups.

Due to this, any person can feel more self-confident and allow himself to represent himself with the help of clothes.

M. Musk said she was proud to be asked to various events where people talk about how you can feel good at any age.

May also show that she wants to give women around the world the idea that they should be happy and surround themselves only with good people.

Maye Musk was interviewed as part of a BBC documentary, where she described the world’s richest person as a “genius”.

She also stated that because of his massive success, her son “gets a lot of hate”.

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