Reporter Asks Hunter Biden About GOP Investigations to His Face

Hunter Biden may be living the good life right now, but a recent encounter with a reporter suggested that the walls may finally be caving in on him.

On Tuesday, Fox News released a video of Biden greeting guests at the White House Kennedy Center celebration when he was asked by a reporter about the upcoming GOP investigation.

The video shows two reporters asking him “Mr. Biden, what are you expecting from the Republican Congress?”

Biden, perhaps thinking discretion is the better part of valor, just smiled at the reporter and walked away.

The reporter is presumably referring to the fact that Biden is now facing a federal investigation for his taxes and the purchase of a firearm while under the influence of crack cocaine.

Another part of the whole fiasco is the infamous “laptop from hell” which reportedly contained videos of him using illegal drugs and cavorting with pr*stit*tes.

This comes only a few days after Elon Musk released the “Twitter Files” on Twitter, a tweet thread from journalist Matt Taibbi, which shows how Twitter worked to suppress the Hunter Biden story leading up to the 2020 election.

In October 2020, the New York Post attempted to run a story on the Hunter Biden scandal, but they were prevented from publishing it on Twitter as Twitter had identified it as “potentially harmful.”

At the time, this was described as an attempt by Big Tech to influence the results of the election by working in hand with the Biden team.

Now, Musk has shown that this is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact: Big Tech did indeed work to try and swing the 2020 election in the Democrats’ favor.

The walls do seem now to be closing in on Hunter Biden.

A recent poll found that 62 percent of likely voters approve of the incoming House Republican majority’s plans to investigate his dealings, and 61 percent believe that the President was consulted about and profited off of Hunter’s business dealings.

Even liberal news outlets such as CBS are beginning to admit that there is credibility in the allegations against Hunter Biden, although they are two years late.

The fact of the matter is that we were told for four years that Donald Trump was engaged in illegal foreign business dealings and that he owed his election victory to Russian interference. None of this was ever proven to be true.

But now we are seeing real evidence that Joe Biden’s son was involved in very illegal and disturbing activities and that the president may have known about them. With this latest bombshell, Elon Musk may have just stripped the last safety net away from the Bidens.

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