Rare photograph of Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva’s son as a baby was shared by the couple… Gere is afraid that he’ll miss becoming of his youngers..

Because of his work in movies such as “American Gigolo,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Runaway Bride,” Richard Gere has earned the reputation of being a Hollywood heartthrob. In addition to this, he is well-known for his charming ways. Gere was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 31, 1949, however he spent the most of his childhood in Syracuse, New York.

Gere began a string of leading man roles with his appearances in the suspense film “Primal Fear,” the romantic comedy “Runaway Bride,” in which he reteamed with Julia Roberts, and the drama “I’m Not There,” however, it was his performance in the film Chicago from 2002 that brought him back into the public eye.

In addition to the success the actor has had with women in front of the camera, he has also been able to achieve the same level of success with women behind the scenes. Gere and his wife Alejandra Silva have been blessed with not one but two kids, both of whom are healthy and happy new additions to the family.

Alexander Gere, the couple’s first kid, was born in February 2019, while the pair welcomed their second son together in August 2020. The name of the couple’s second son is not yet known to the general public at this time.

Gere has a total of three sons: these two are from his relationship with Silva, while the actor’s third son is from a prior relationship. Homer, Gere’s eldest son with his ex-partner Carey Lowell, is now in his 20s and seems to have inherited his father’s good features and charm.

As a result of Gere’s decision to have a family when he was in his 70s, he faces obstacles that the majority of dads do not. There is a difference of 34 years between him and his wife Silva, and it has been stated that Gere has expressed concern that he may not be able to see the development of his younger children owing to his age in the same way that he did with his first kid.

Gere had a lot of encouragement and support from his parents and brothers when he was growing up.

It was reported in the Independent that he spent his childhood on a farm and that he made his initial forays into the creative world by writing music for performances at his high school. He acknowledged his parents as the primary contributors to his development of his skills.

Gere referred to his parents by describing them as “wonderful people. They made great chances available to my family, including my four siblings and sisters and myself in terms of music and education…”

Gere now has a family of his own to call his own. The age difference between the pair is 34 years, yet it doesn’t seem to worry either of them. Silva continued by saying, “From the minute we laid eyes on one other, our karma was drawn to one another. I’m not dismissing our age gap and what it means to be with a Hollywood celebrity; but, when there is such a strong karmic energy, the difficulties evaporate.”

“In this life, it was bound to turn out this way. He has guaranteed me at least twenty more years of happiness! I feel I must admit that he has a great deal more energy than I do; he is significantly more active. It is challenging for me to keep up with him. ”

The famous actor is known for being a devoted parent who excels at ensuring that his children come first in his life at all times. “When you put it into perspective with the other things going on in your life, the little stuff simply doesn’t have the same impact on you anymore.”

Gere said that every trite saying there is about becoming a parent is accurate. In February of 2019, Gere and Silva became parents for the first time to a healthy baby boy named Alexander.

Then, a little more than a year later, it was announced that the couple had a second son together. The child’s name remains unknown to this day due to the fact that the pair has maintained a high level of discretion with respect to their child.

Gere and Silva are so proud of their gorgeous children that they update their Instagram with pictures of them often. During the month of October 2022, Silva uploaded a photo on Instagram depicting a beautiful moment with his sons in a pumpkin field and captioned it, “A great autumn day with my guys.”

On November 17, 2022, Silva posted another endearing picture of her son Alexander, who was three years old at the time, along with the caption “Daddy, mother, and Alexander.”

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