Man walks outside and finds family of bears climbing into his car: the discovery of the day

Before going into a short holiday with his parents, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Chad Morris‘ wish was to see a black bear since in the region live roughly 1,500 bears.
Nonetheless, the barbershop owner from Kentucky got even more than he hoped for. Not one, but three black bear cubs climbed into his car through an opened window.

Helpless, the man grabbed a few snaps of the moment and shared them online. Thankfully no one was hurt, except the car!

Chad was enjoying the day in the beautiful mountain resort, when he heard his parents screaming. Immediately, he rushed outside the cabin, and soon realized what was the reason behind his parent’s reaction.

A black bear cub was inside his car, searching through his things. But the man soon realized, the intruder wasn’t alone as two other cubs followed them inside the vehicle parked on the driveway.

“As soon as I saw them they were walking up to my car and the three cubs hopped in,” the man told The Dodo. “They saw us standing around taking pictures, but they never bothered us.”

Ironically, there was nothing Chad could do, especially since the cubs’ mother was watching the from the side. Driven by curiosity, the playful cubs inspected the car for a few minutes, before getting bored with it and fleeing away in the woods.

All this time, Chad and his parents waited from a safe distance, for the cubs to finish their snoop. They even tried their luck on other cars as well, but thankfully, their owners left the door windows closed.

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