Harrison Ford Keeps Romance Alive with Wife of 20 Years after He Adopted Her Son to Become a Family

Despite their age difference, Harrison Ford still shows love for his current wife after 20 years together.

Harrison Ford is a happy father of 5 children.

Harrison Ford, the actor behind iconic roles such as Han Solo in the space opera “Star Wars,” and Rick Deckard in “Blade Runner,” is still happily in love with his wife, Calista Flockhart. The couple has been together since 2002 and is still going strong.

They were recently spotted at the after-party for the premiere of Harrison’s new TV show, “1923.” The couple spent almost the entire night in each other’s arms, and the “Indiana Jones” actor gave his wife a sweet peck on the forehead for the cameras.

Harrison wore a sleek, black suit with a navy blue shirt, while Calista looked almost his opposite in a cream suit and a black top. The two have been married since 2010, and despite their 23-year age gap, they couldn’t look happier.

At the time, Harrison wasn’t necessarily looking for love, but he claims he’s not at all astonished that he found it in Calista.
Harrison portrays the lead in the new show, Jacob Dutton, and his character is married to Cara Dutton, played by Helen Mirren. The couple manages a struggling ranch in 1923, as the title suggests, and the trailer suggests the show will be a drama-filled rollercoaster.

“1923” is a spin-off of the show “Yellowstone,” and like its predecessor, the ranch drama looks like it will be filled with dark undertones and shady characters. Pistols abound, and action scenes ensue in the gripping trailer.

How Harrison Ford Keeps Marriage to Calista Flockhart Going Strong
After being together for 20 years, most people would think marriage gets tricky. But Harrison and his beloved Calista have found the secret to making things last. The “Air Force One” star said his secret is to nod his head instead of talking. And he always does his chores:

“Well, if my chores are done and there’s nothing more pressing and the weather’s good, I’ll go flying — I love to fly up there — or walk in the woods, do some work, ride my road bike or mountain bike.”

The two first met at the 2002 Golden Globe ceremony. At the time, Harrison wasn’t necessarily looking for love, but he claims he’s not at all astonished that he found it in Calista. The actor is a bit of a romantic, it seems, as he explained he believes love can strike unexpectedly.

The couple spent eight years together and finally made things official in 2010 with an intimate ceremony in New Mexico. Two decades later, Harrison keeps their relationship strong by not arguing with his wife, as he suggested with a laugh.

Although the family is known to be exceptionally private when it comes to their lives off-screen, Harrison opened up about his relationship with his youngest.

But Calista isn’t the first romance to cross the legendary actor’s path. He was married twice before, with both of his previous unions sadly ending in divorce. He had children with his previous wives, and he and Calista also have a son.

Harrison, now 80, defies his age by reprising his role as the action-hero Indiana Jones for an impressive fifth time. It was announced earlier that the actor would return to the franchise, and filming has already begun. This will be his last time playing the daring archaeologist.

Harrison Ford Adopted Wife’s Son: He Is a Dad of 5
In 2021, Harrison was spotted with his family while recuperating from a shoulder injury he sustained on the set of the new “Indiana Jones” film. Joining the actor and his wife was their youngest son, Liam Flockhart.

The youngest of Harrison’s five children is Calista’s only child. She adopted him before she met Harrison, and the actor also officially adopted him after he started seeing Calista. A source said:

“Harrison never thought he’d become a late-in-life dad, but it’s been a tremendous blessing to him. He has been mindful to give Liam his full attention.”

Although the family is known to be exceptionally private when it comes to their lives off-screen, Harrison opened up about his relationship with his youngest. The actor took Liam skydiving after the young man begged him, and Harrison remarked:

“It was fun, it was great. I did like it. We’re not talking to his mother about it.”

The “Devil’s Own” star has four other children from his previous marriages, Ben, Willard, Malcolm, and his only daughter, Georgia Ford. His oldest son, Ben, is a successful chef, while Willard is focused on fitness. Both of them are also married with kids.

Harrison’s youngest two biological children have tried their hand at acting, but Malcolm is pursuing his passion for music instead. Georgia has had a more committed go at making it in Hollywood, with a few roles to her name.

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