Black bear joins a family for picnic lunch and gets his own sandwich

Imagine going on a picnic and having an uninvited guest join in on the fun. It’s awkward enough if a stranger sits down at your table, but what if that stranger happens to be a bear?

That’s what happened to a family in Deep Creek, Maryland, when a curious black bear was attracted by the smell of peanut butter.

The locals are familiar with this bear who’s often seen wandering in the area. However, it’s not common for it to interact with people as it did on this particular day. The family, in the spirit of their outdoor adventure, decided to make the bear his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The whole scene was captured on video and shared online where it quickly went viral.

While the video is cute, this is a potentially dangerous event and everyone involved was very lucky. Black bears are typically cautious around humans, often rummaging for food in garbage cans while staying hidden.

However, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources reminds us that it’s illegal and unsafe to feed bears. They warn that bears could get used to people feeding them, creating a problematic situation. If you ever encounter a bear while camping or picnicking, it’s best to scare it away or relocate to ensure your safety.

While this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, remember to always respect wildlife boundaries. Check out the video below to see the bear’s surprise lunchtime visit!

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