After becoming a mother at the age of 39, Julia Roberts is now living out her dream at a rustic ranch with her children and her husband of 20 years…

After becoming a mother at the age of 39, Julia Roberts is now living out her dream at a rustic ranch with her children and her husband of 20 years…

Over the course of their more than two decades together, Julia Roberts and her husband, who is not a renowned actor or musician, have managed to cultivate a healthy marriage. She also prioritized becoming a mother above her work, taking a break from it for 20 years when she was over 40 years old.

The former celebrity now lives an unremarkable life with her husband and children on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, where she also conducted their covert wedding ceremony. Julia Roberts met cinematographer Danny Moder on the set of “The Mexican” in 2000. The actress was dating Ben Bratt at the time.

Danny’s wife, Vera Steimberg Moder, is a cosmetics artist. Some close to the cameraman’s family say his marriage was troubled, but he filed for divorce in June 2001 because of Julia.

When she and Bratt broke up, the “Pretty Woman” actress stopped visiting eateries and businesses near her lower Manhattan apartment. After she met Danny, she seldom visited her old haunts.

The pair divided time between the cameraman’s Los Angeles condo and Julia’s $5 million Taos house. The actress bought a property in 1995 to escape Hollywood’s frenetic lifestyle.

The renowned actress lived quietly at the ranch, where she walked her dogs, socialized with other residents, ate Taos Cow takeout, and danced and made love with her boyfriend Danny at the Alley Cantina. The two appeared long-term dedicated.

An actress’ acquaintance described them as affectionate, steady, and understanding of each other’s imperfections. Bratt married “Piero” co-star Talisa Soto in May 2002 and never liked his fame. Julia told Vanity Fair that Bratt never loved his fame.

She compared it like a fly that won’t leave you alone or a mosquito that buzzes in your ear at night. “It’s like an annoying fly.”

Danny’s buddy says he stood out since he accepted Julia in every “aspect” The companion praised the cameraman for appreciating the actress as she was.

Julia wasn’t as famous as Danny, and it was rare for her to date someone “simple.” The couple’s love was evident, and the cameraman showed he was willing to bear with her fame for the rest of his life.

Julia and Danny’s Private Wedding

On July 4, 2002, Julia invited guests to her ranch for a late-night Independence Day drink. New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta visitors came to view the celebrity’s 82-acre New Mexico home.

Guests played basketball and football, ate Julia’s cooked turkey, and chilled out by her pool. Several people wanted to sleep at night, but a companion said the star requested they stay still.

The tiny group met at midnight on lawn chairs in the property’s religious meeting building. Chinese lanterns and candles gave it a romantic, secluded feel.

Danny and Julia were surprised to stand atop a pink and white silk bridge. Most tourists realized what was going to happen as they reached a circle of red, white, and pink rose petals.

When they realized what was happening, they celebrated. The cameraman proposed to the actress, and she said “yes” as the crowd screamed it too.

The event was so intimate and fantastic that a friend thought they were eavesdropping. Barry Hirsch, Julia’s attorney and longtime friend, presided over the private ceremony bringing the then-34-year-old actress and the 33-year-old cameraman together.

No groomsmen, bridesmaids, or flower girls were at the simple wedding. There were no extras or stars. The bride donned a pink cotton halter dress with antique beads, pearls, and hand-painted flowers. She was lovely.

During the 20-minute ceremony, the groom and Julia exchanged vows. He wore a red ruffled shirt and brown pants. He was attractive. In the thick of things, someone broke a glass, prompting a visitor to yell “Mazel tov!” It caused many laughter.

The doting couple couldn’t resist passionate kisses during their wedding and asked visitors for permission to do so. After their divorce, the actress put her career on pause for 20 years and said:

“I was born to be his wife,” she remarked.

With Danny, Julia’s second marriage was more successful than the first. She was right about Danny. The renowned actress had her first kid later in life and placed family first.

A Julia representative confirmed the couple’s twin pregnancy for 2005. After two years of marriage, they learned this. Their mother was 37 when Hazel and Phinnaues were born on November 28, 2004.

The actress said that she and Danny chose “Hazel” because of its classic tone. The cinematographer wanted to name their son “Finn,” but because it sounded like a nickname, they chose Phinnaues instead.

People magazine said in 2006 that Julia’s “primary priority” was her kids. In April of that year, Marc Platt, the producer of “Three Days of Rain” and a friend of the actress, said:

Her pleasure and sense of success are due in great part to the kids.

Platt called it a “wonderful” sight. The actress revealed in December 2006 that she was expecting her third child, a son named Henry Daniel Moder.

Julia’s attorney, Marcy Engelman, said the family was doing well and the infant weighed 8.5 pounds in Los Angeles. On the property, the renowned couple and their children lived quietly.

In 2013, USA Today noted that Julia didn’t share many photos of her kids on Instagram, but her husband did. She didn’t publish Twitter updates about where she was, and she read J.D. Salinger’s short stories when an actor friend sent them to her.

According to a newspaper, the star hand-wrote a thank-you note to the friend. Julia avoided the limelight despite being the highest-paid actress ever.

She’d travel to her New Mexico, California, or Manhattan homes. The actress stated she and Danny arranged their life to protect their children, and she continued:

“All we want is to be left alone to enjoy our family,” the pair stated.

The cameraman’s wife claimed she was lucky to be too old for internet and celebrity culture silliness. She said she was blessed to be too old for this. She thought her senior age had saved her from certain hazards.

Julia said “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2010 that she loves waking up early to observe how her kids respond to a new day. She loved spending more time with her family. The three are still at an interesting age, she remarked.

The “Eat, Pray, Love” actress stated she was “there” for her three kids. The star recently said on Today that she adored life and that her biggest triumph of the day was when all her children made it to “the potty!”

Architectural Digest 2022 reported Julia’s famous home was near Taos. The newspaper said the property in Arroyo Seco was the celebrity’s second home.

It was stated that Erin Brockovich’s actress, her husband, and their children frequently stayed at home. Julia was a dedicated wife who picked up her husband from work, according to Southwest neighbors. They saw her at Target or the grocery store often. Julia lived in the SW.

The actress told InStyle about becoming a mom in 2017. She needs Balmex to prevent her little children from diaper rash.

The “Wonder” actress showed she was normal by saying she liked the product’s aroma, “couldn’t live without it,” and that it was “amazing.” Julia’s answer was courteous when asked what she would do if she saw a child acting inappropriately on the playground. She said, “I’d call the parent.”

Whether I speak depends on what they do, but I expect to.

She wanted to show the child that what they were doing was wrong. What the interviewer didn’t expect was the actress’ quick addendum, “and then trip them!”

When asked how to tell a child they breached a boundary and must face repercussions, the celebrity advised using one’s authoritative voice as a parent. After emotional calm, she recommended a “conscious dialogue” about what had happened.

Julia suggested everyone sit at the table to optimize family time at supper. Danny’s wife believed it was significant and said her family had some of their deepest and most meaningful talks during that time.

The celebrity said she ate breakfast and dinner with her kids every day. Thanks to how things were set up, she got the idea they were starting, absorbing, and ending as a family.

The actress stated 12 was the right age for her children to have their first phone as Hazel received hers then. Julia and Danny weren’t sure about giving the phone to the youngster, but Hazel’s reasons for wanting it were clear and honest, so they gave it to her.

The actress said that the child didn’t convince her parents with a PowerPoint presentation (but she has in the past). by being vulnerable and honest. Little daughter recently revealed her needs, which left her mother feeling:

“At that point, I was so in love with her that I said, ‘We must purchase her a cell phone!’”

She stated she conquered her phobia of being apart from her children by always having them with her. In October 2020, Danny’s wife appeared on Sunday Morning to discuss what was important to her at 54.

The actress told the interviewer that both her family and her career were vital, but not equally so. Julia has never been “consumed” by acting.

She said that being an actor was a “dream come true” for her, but that it wasn’t her only fulfilled desire. When questioned about her other objectives, the mother of three pointed to her family.

My husband and I’s lives together.

Julia also said that their lives with their three children helped them get in. She believed the items she mentioned were the best and stressed how crucial it was to come home triumphant.

The actress will star in a romantic comedy for the first time in 20 years, CBS said. The film is due in 2022. Danny’s wife was to meet George Clooney, a longtime friend.

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