100-year-old woman celebrates birthday with sisters who are 102 and 104 – Happy Birthday

For many who are lucky enough to reach their 100th birthday, you can expect to be the oldest person in the room, but for one Kansas centenarian she was the youngest of her three sisters.

Frances Kompus was lucky enough to celebrate her milestone birthday back in November 2021 with her sisters, aged 102 and 104.

According to KSN TV, Frances is the younger sister of Lucy Pochop, who is 102-years-old and Julia Korpiva, who is 104 years old.

3 Kansas sisters reach century mark at ages 104, 102, 100 | PIX11
They are all grandmothers and widows; Lucy and Julia still live independently in apartments next to each other while Frances is just a few blocks away.

The sisters have lived through the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl growing up on a farm where they recall their father, who lived to the age of 98, running it without modern tractors and how they’d have to deliver gasoline in 5-gallon buckets to him in the field.

The sisters said one of the secrets to a long and healthy life was eating well.

“We always had homemade bread, just plain potatoes, and gravy and meat. With those cookstoves, that was hard to bake. The temperature was hard to keep. Even if it didn’t come out good, we still ate it,” laughed Julia.

“I am thankful for us girls being together all the time, my parents and my faith,” she added.

And when asked what advice they would give to younger generations, the sisters agreed that exercise was important and well as faith.

“Walk a lot,” Frances said, before Julia added: “I think faith comes first – and thank your parents and grandparents.”

I’m sure these sisters have so many great stories to tell. What an age to live to and to have each other, they are so lucky!

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