Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue’s incredible love story։ they were married almost 40 years

Showing her point of view the celebrity said in the book ‘Marriage seems a vacuum cleaner: you stick it to your ear, and it sucks out all your energy and ambition’.

Thomas shows her feelings a lot, comparing marriage to being a convict that one must appease. Until she met Donahue, that is.

After Phil Donahue’s divorce, they both found Marlo Thomas, and the two have since evolved a lifelong connection.

The ‘Phil Donahue Show,’ which was in a simple manner as ‘Donahue’ was the portage through which Phil Donahue first became famous.

For the first time, the program exhibited audience participation and Marlo Thomas was one of the guests on his show who completely changed his life.

According to the book, the couple first met in Chicago in 1977, and Phil brought four youngsters with him.

Admittedly, the actress’s change of heart startled her friends and family. In the couple’s book, a comical incident is told about Marlo’s bridal shower, where guests hung comments from the future bride that uncovered her former opinions on marriage.

The novel claims that Marlo’s mother was the most shocked and questioned Donahue throughout the ceremony, «How did you tempt her to do this?».

According to reports, even complete strangers expressed disbelief, among other feelings, at the celebrity and social activist’s choice to get married.

In the book, Thomas is forthright and admits that a seed of uncertainty was planted during this exchange. Was she now a hypocrite for getting married if she had spent so much of her life criticizing marriage? Had she disappointed those who looked up to her as the epitome of independence?

Donahue and Thomas are able to keep their relationship in spite of the frequent ups and downs. They show these issues as teaching opportunities that strengthened their connection.

The couple had to spend time in distance even in their early marriage because of their career.

The couple thinks their marriage is due to their trust in one another, in addition to her close relationship with his children. According to them, the most important thing is when you know that someone always has your back.

They still have more memories to create after having been married for years.

Phil says that if a couple wants marriage to work out, both of them must want it to. Her wife agrees with him and adds that she would never want to be anything other than married to her boyfriend. ‘Every manner possible,’ she says.

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